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Second Sunday of Easter: Sunday of Divine Mercy - April 10, 2021



Readings for this mass can be found here: Second Sunday of Easter

Previous weekend and Holy Day masses can be viewed on the Resurrection Parish's YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Parish News

 *April 13, 2021

Beginning April 25th, we will have printed bulletins available in the church office.

These bulletins can be picked up during normal office hours only. Office hours are 7:00 AM till 3:00 PM.

At this time, bulletins will not be available in the churches. 

We will keep you informed of all future updates regarding COVID restrictions when we receive them from the Buffalo Diocese and New York State.  


*March 29, 2021

-A Note From Fr. Ivan

Dear Parishioner:

Once again, I am writing with the hope that all are safe and well. The Pandemic has distressed each of us but, although we must all keep our guard up and continue to wear masks, and social distance, it appears there may be better days to come soon. I hope everyone that is eligible has received or is planning to receive their vaccine shortly. 

I would like to let everyone know the schedule for our Holy Week and Easter services. Easter is our most important Solemnity of the year in our Roman Catholic Church. Everyone looks forward to all of the rich liturgies the season has to offer- beginning with Holy Thursday, through Good Friday and Holy Saturday, and concluding with the joyous Resurrection on Easter Sunday. The message of Easter is that nothing can destroy us anymore - to pain, not sin, not rejection, not death. The message of Easter is that Christ has conquered all and that we can conquer all if we put our faith in him. That is what resurrection is all about. That is what we celebrate.

Due to the fact that our churches are operating at a limited capacity and we usually have larger crowds than usual, we have decided to add some additional services. Our schedule will be as follows:

 Holy Thursday                         7:00 PM at St. Mary's ***

 Good Friday                             NOON at St. Mary's ***

                    And                        NOON at St. Joseph's

Holy Saturday                           8:15 PM at St. Mary's ***

Easter Sunday                           7:30 AM at St. Mary's ***

                                                   9:15 AM at St. Mary's 

                     And                       9:15 AM at St. Joseph's 

                                                   11:30 AM at St. Joseph's 

                     And                       11:300 AM at St. Mary's 


On behalf of Fr. Bob, Deacon Tom, Deacon Henry, the Parish Staff, and myself, I wish you all a Blessed Easter and will continue to pray for your health and safety in all of my Masses and daily private prayers.

During this pandemic crisis, all of us have been affected economically and I ask for your continued monetary contributions for the survival of our beloved Resurrection Parish. 


Rev. Ivan R. Trujillo, Pastor 

*March 22, 2021


The following is a list of mass times and locations for Palm Sunday: 

Saturday, March 27th

4:00 PM at St. Joseph's Church

4:00 PM at St. Mary's Church 

5:30 PM at St. Mary's Church

Sunday, March 28th

7:30 AM at St. Mary's Church

9:15 AM at St. Mary's Church

9:15 AM at St. Joseph's Church

11:30 AM at St. Joseph's Church

11:30 AM at St. Mary's Church


*March 9, 2021

       The following is a letter from the Erie County Surrogate regarding the intent to repurpose Upon this Rock funds originally earmarked for the operations of Christ the King Seminary but now, rather for "Formation" expenses associated with the training of seminarians, diaconate, and students of lay ecclesial programs:
       Beginning in 2015, The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., Inc.
(“Foundation”) began soliciting donations to its “Upon this Rock” (“UTR”) capital and endowment
campaign. The UTR campaign raised funds for many purposes, including soliciting funds for
making essential upgrades to classroom facilities and technology of Christ the King Seminary
(“CKS”), expanding CKS’s role as a center of retreat and religious celebration, and establishing
an endowment fund for CKS. Unfortunately, in early 2020, CKS’s Board of Trustees determined
that CKS would close at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. CKS’s closure will make it
impossible for the Foundation to use the UTR funds raised for CKS for their original intended
purposes. However, under New York law, when the original purposes for which funds are
donated become impossible to achieve, those purposes can be modified in a manner consistent
with the original intent by the New York State courts. For many years, CKS provided education and
formation for ordained and lay ecclesial ministers in the Diocese of Buffalo and beyond.
Accordingly, the Foundation has asked the New York State Supreme Court for the County of
Erie to approve a modification of the purposes of UTR funds raised for CKS so that those funds
can be used to support the education and formation of ordained and lay ecclesial ministry in the
Diocese of Buffalo, as determined at the discretion of the Foundation’s Board.
       If you have donated to UTR and would like to be heard regarding this requested
modification, you may send a letter to The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Buffalo, N.Y., Inc., attention Executive Director, 795 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203 or an
email to [email protected] Copies of letters or emails received by the Foundation will be
provided to the Court. You may also make a formal filing in the legal proceeding entitled Matter
of the Modification of Endowment Funds of The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Buffalo N.Y., Inc., Erie County Index No. 814747/2020. For your submission to be
available for the Court’s consideration, please be sure to send any letter or email, or make any
filing, no later than Friday, April 9, 2021.




Mass Times

8:00 am Monday - Friday (St. Joseph's Church site)

4:00 pm Saturday (St. Joseph's Church)
5:30 pm Saturday (St. Mary's Church)

7:30 am Sunday (St. Mary's Church)
9:15 am Sunday (St. Mary's Church)
11:30 am Sunday (St. Joseph's Church)

Diocesan and state guidelines will be followed.
We are now allowed 50% capacity.
To attend mass you must:

-Wear a mask
-Wait to be seated
-Enter & Exit on the Summit Street side only.
-Social distancing must be maintained

Please follow the directions of volunteer ushers and there will be hand sanitizer available at each door of the church.


We are now taking Mass Intention requests again.
Please stop in or call the church office.

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Office Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Thank you for your cooperation.

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